Friday, May 6, 2011

World Handball Championships moved to October 2012

World Handball Championships moved to October 2012

Following extensive meetings and, in conjunction with the World Handball Council, a decision has been made as follows:

In light of issues and delays surrounding the preparations for the World Handball Championships in 2012 in Ireland, it has been decided to put back the date for the hosting of this hugely prestigious event in Ireland. This is in light of major work to be carried out in preparation for the event and now that the proposed new National Handball Centre in Croke Park has been ruled out to being ready in time to host this event.

It has already been passed and approved by GAA Handball Ireland Central Council that the World Championships will be hosted in conjunction with the Ulster GAA Council in Ulster Venues (with the use of North Leinster venues if required). Full details on venues will be released by end of May 2011.

This is a World Handball Council sanctioned event and, following discussion and authority by the World Handball Council Executive, it has been agreed to amend the date for the World Handball Championships (both 40x20 and 1-Wall) to a new date as follows:

World Handball Championships in Ireland 2012

(4-Wall 40x20 & 1-Wall)

Commencing Thursday 4th October 2012 and concluding by Sunday 14th

October 2012.

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